Part of Simon and Simon Financial’s considerable success comes from strategic relationships it has built with Certified Public Accountants across the country. When clients ask their CPA, “What should I do with my investments?” or bring their investment plan in for review, these CPAs call Simon and Simon Financial.

Because of the regulatory environment, CPAs who aren’t licensed are careful not to give investment advice. Instead, they team up with Simon and Simon Financial so their client’s investment choices are integrated with their tax and financial decisions. Not only are the clients getting sound investment advice, their accountant is always up to speed on the status of their investments.

Being a truly independent financial advisor, and not “captive” to a large company’s product portfolio, is another advantage Simon and Simon Financial provides to their clients. While other advisors are limited to offering only the products offered by a brokerage house or national insurance agency, we have access to an unlimited portfolio of solutions, allowing us to offer what we think are the best products to suit a client’s individual needs.

We don’t stop there. Simon and Simon Financial also works with estate attorneys to help ensure tax-advantaged wealth transfer is achieved. In some cases, with effective estate planning, some wealth can pass on to the next generation or your favorite charity tax-free. Additionally, our firm’s founder, Gerald Simon, has extensive experience handling structured settlements for attorneys.